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Yearly Lease-Plan

Leasing a hair system through our monthly payment plan allows you to enjoy a full head of hair without breaking the bank. For just 350€ per month, you can have access to a high-quality hair system that suits your style and preferences. But that's not all - we've made sure to include everything you need to maintain and keep your hair system looking its best. Additionally, with your monthly lease, you'll also receive regular haircuts. Our skilled stylists are well-versed in working with hair systems, ensuring that your hair is always trimmed and styled to perfection.


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Clients are now enjoying the most undetectable Hair-Systems available , and whilst they look great , the trade off is durability. The delicate nature of these hairsystems can lead to signs of wear , after a short period of time i.e. 3-6 months.

The Lease Plan plan provides a cost effective solution to your hair-replacement needs. A new custom made hairsystem will be delivered at set intervals throughout the year , taking the effort out of re-ordering , so you’ll never get caught out and always look at your best.


The Golden plan costs 350,-€ per month. This includes the following:

-Every 3 months a new hair system and a installation. 

-Once a month the hair system is removed , cleaned and reinstalled.

-Your scalp is carefully cleaned and prepped every month.

-A clean haircut every month of your choice.

-Cleaning of excess eyebrows, nose-hairs and ear-hairs.

In short, we ensure that you always and everywhere look well cared for !

“You've made my life infinitely easier. I love receiving new orders, without lifting a finger”


Automated ordering takes the hassle out of re-ordering - everything is done for you! We will plan your annual deliveries in advance, so if you've left re-ordering too late in the past, you'll never be caught out again! A new hair replacement system will arrive at set intervals throughout the year, eliminating bad hair days! Paying monthly also spreads the cost across the year, so no more large upfront costs.

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