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Our aproach

At Hairsystems By Clean Cut we believe that all dreams can come true in a simple, easy and affordable way. The following steps are explaining how we work.

Haarsysteem Amsterdam. Hairsystem Amsterdam

First step 


 After you've decided to take action and solve your hair problem, it's time for us to take action together. the first step is to send us a message via Whatsapp or to ‘Plan your consult’. Based on your choice we will contact you to plan a (digital)consult/appointment.

Second Step


After you send us a Whatsapp / E-mail or filled out our forum we will schedule a (digital) consult to determine the haircolour and your needs so we can choose the HairSystem that’ll suit your own and personal needs . Also we will answer all of your questions extensively and take a second look at your end-result and discuss all of the important details to make your Hair-System journey a great one !

Haarsysteem Amsterdam. Hairsystem Amsterdam
Hairsystem Amsterdam. Haarsysteem Amsterdam

Third step

the big day

After we made a follow-up appointment for the installation of the HairSystem, it's finally here. Today is the big day. The day of change and finding yourself again. Today is the day we install the HairSystem and experience a big but positive change in your life.

Already know which hairsystem you need?

Already know which HairSystem you need? Or you need a seccond one? Go to our Shop and treat yourself with the HairSystem and products you need. After the payment  , our staff will message/mail you for a consult/appointment.

Hairsystem Amsterdam. Haarsysteem Amsterdam
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