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All of our Hairsystems

Hairsystems By Clean Cut specializes in creating custom hair systems to fit your individual needs. We offer a variety of types of hairsystems and different base options to choose from. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality hairsystems that are tailored to each customer's unique situation. Read more about our recent projects and see how we can help you find the perfect hair system.

Clean’n go

Clean , fast and happy

Clean'n Go from Clean Cut Hairsystems is the perfect solution for those who need a quick and easy hairsystem installation. Our stock hairsystems are ready to be installed immediately so you can get back to looking your best in no time. The lifespan of the system depends on the thickness of the base, but with the high-quality materials used, you can expect your hairsystem to last for a long time. Our Clean'n Go system is the perfect choice for those looking for a fast , easy and cheaper hairsystem installation.

The price for a Clean’N go varies between 450-500,-€.

Hairsystem Amsterdam . Haarsysteem Amsterdam
Hairsystem Amsterdam. Haarsysteem Hairline . haarlijn

Clean Cut Customization

Your hair , your wishes

Clean Cut Hairsystems offers custom hairpieces for those looking for the most realistic and perfect fit for their hair. Our custom hairpieces are made especially for you, taking into account your wishes, needs and hair type. We will look at your hair colour, density, and other factors to make an exact replica of your own hair. While this option is more expensive, the result is worth it – you'll have a piece that fits like a glove. Keep in mind that it takes up to 8 weeks to make a custom hairpiece.

While a Clean’N go only costs between the 450-500,-€. The Clean Cut Customization will cost between the 600-650,-€.

Hairsystem Lace . Haarsysteem Amsterdam
Haarsysteem Amsterdam. Hairsystem Amsterdam
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