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Base Material : 0.08MM ThinSkin

Base Size : 8X10’’

Knotting Technique : Front Hairline V-Loop. Overal single split knots. 

Front Contour : CC

Hair Length : 5 ‘

Hair Density : Medium/Medium light ( Whatever you prefer )

Hair Direction : Freestyle

Lifespan 4-7 Months


This ThinSkin Hairystem offers both versatility and comfort. The Hairsystem uses a very popular base material called poly skin that’s fully transparent, super soft, and lightweight. This transparent base makes it look as if the hair is growing directly on the scalp, creating an authentic look that boosts your self esteem. It is easy to clean and holds tape and glue well. ThinSkin is ideal for 0.08mm thickness. This type of thickness is durable, looks natural, and feels light when used. V-looped hair on the front 1/2″ of the hairline. V-looped hair has no knots, so it makes for a very natural front hairline. The rest of the hairpiece is ventilated with single split knots. Split knots make your Hairsystem look very natural while preventing hair shedding. This excellent thin skin hair system will provide you that amazing look you once had without appearing unnatural. All Colours Available . Adding grey hair is possible !

ThinSkin 0.08MM HairSystem

Excluding Sales Tax
  • In this price is included : The Consult , The HairSystem , The cutting into size , The install and a fresh Haircut !

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