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Base Material : Thin Skin

Knotting Technique : No knots. V-Loop All-over

Base Size : 8X10’’

Front Contour: CC

Hair Lenght : 5 Inch

Hair Density : Medium / Medium-Light (Whatever you prefer)

Hair Direction: Freestyle Lifespan : 3-5 months


The thickness of the skin base is 0.06mm. Whilst being a little thicker than the 0.03mm skin base, it makes the v-loop hair system still very light and natural but more durable. We use an irregular knotting method on the front hairline area of the v-loop hair system. This is more representative of someone’s own front hairline. It is just like a natural front hairline – irregular and gradual. It won’t look neat and unnatural. V-looped hair means there are no visible knots and the whole hairpiece is therefore very realistic. Note: For this V-loop hair system, we don’t recommend that you brush the hair when it is wet, especially after it has been soaked in hot water. Since it is knotless such action may result in hair shedding.


Available in all colours. Adding grey/white hair is possible !


ThinSkin 0.06 V Loop all-over Hairsystem

Excluding Sales Tax
  • In this price is included : The Consult , The HairSystem , The cutting into size , The install and a fresh Haircut !

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