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Base Material 0.03 ultra thinskin

Knotting technique : No knots. V Loop All-Over.

Base size 8X10’’

Front contour :CC

Hair direction : Freestyle

Lifespan : 2 -4 Months


Ultra Thin Skin is the most popular human hair toupe by using 0.03MM poly skin and V-Looped ventilation technique. It offers a 'second skin' that melts into your own skin. Crafted from real hair , this human HairSystem is very natural and surreal. While this HairSystem is extremely soft , the hair strands are also thin, making it light and extra comfortable to wear. The most natural Hair-System ever achieved !jbjjnb


Available in all colours. Adding grey hair is possible ! Njhbjbjj



ThinSkin 0.03MM V-Loop All-Over HairSystem

Excluding Sales Tax
  • In this price is included : The Consult , The HairSystem , The cutting into size , The install and a fresh Haircut !

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