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Base Material: French lace with clear PU all around

Knotting Technique: V-loop All Over

Base Size: 8"x10"

Front Contour: CC

Hair Length: 6"

Hair Density: Medium-light

Hair Direction: Freestyle


The majority of the base is skin material with knotless V-looped hair all over. So the front hairline is highly undetectable as there are no knots at all. Also, the center parting presents a look of hair growing out of the scalp that is just as natural as the front hairline.

To make the hair system breathable and comfortable for the wearers, especially on hot days, 4 pieces of French lace patches are orderly embedded on the skin base in a symmetric way presenting a very innovative base appearance.

0.08MM Grey ThinSkin With Lace

Excluding Sales Tax
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